27 September 2013

Less than One Week

It is less than one week until I cut my hair off for The Little Princess Trust and Cancer Research.

One of the reasons I wanted to raise money for Cancer Research is because of the work they do, without them, years may not have been had and hope may never have existed for some of our family and friends.

My mum and dads best friend died last year of cancer, but it wasn't his first battle with this disease, he first had cancer in the form of a brain tumour about 15 years ago. But with the knowledge, care and dedication of the doctors he survived that tumour.

He eventually took on cancer a second time this time with stomach cancer, again it was removed and with chemo he was able to fight it a second time.

Third time unlucky and he found out he had oesophageal cancer, this is an incresingly common cancer and so it is important to recognise the symptoms.

Finally and so very sadly he found out he had bone cancer, it was this that took his life. But without the research those precious years would not have been had, he wouldn't have got to meet his grandchildren and spend so much time with his wife, family and friends.

So it is with this that I strongly believe in Cancer Research and the good work they do and why I want to raise money.

You can hear more of his journey from his wife in a heart wrenching story on Simon Bates on Smooth

There is still time to sponsor me, I am so close to hitting my £500 target.

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