19 October 2016

Pumpkin Picking - Autumn Fun at Maxeys Farm Shop

With Halloween not far away we decided to head up to one of our favourite places at this time of the year and take part in one of Autumns most fun activities, pumpkin picking.

We've been pumpkin picking at Maxeys Farm Shop for the last few years, so with this year being bigger and better we decided to head up during a break in the rain last weekend.

It was muddy, but for me this added to the fun.  We donned our wellies and slid around the field looking for that perfect pumpkin, the sun shone brightly and we couldn't wait to find the ones.


18 October 2016

Keeping Feet Warm with Morlands Glastonbury - Review

When I was given the opportunity to try out some gorgeous sheepskin slippers from Morlands Glastonbury I jumped at the chance. I hate nothing more in this world than cold feet and as Autumn rolled in so quickly, they couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time.

With several classic and modern designs there is a slipper for all tastes and for me I chose these gorgeous classic loafers in chestnut. Coming up a smidgen small I had to opt for a 9 instead of my usual 8, so this is something to bare in mind.


9 October 2016

Meeting the New Furby Connect - Review

Toys have come a long way since I was a young girl and none more so than the Furby, first arriving in the late 90s it was a must have toy and I remember my then boyfriends mum scouring the shops for one for his sister's Christmas present.

With it's own Furby language and cheeky nature, this fluffy little fella has been given a modern day makeover, Bluetooth enabled it has an internal year round clock, so he even knows when it's Christmas, Easter or Valentine's Day.


3 October 2016

Transformers: Power Surge Optimus Prime Review

If like me you are old enough to remember Transformers the first time round, then you’ll remember the excitement of watching them transform from a vehicle to a robot and back again. It was like nothing we had seen before and having a brother and two male cousins meant I often had to choose whether to be an Autobot or Decepticon.

My son has also become a fan and has enjoyed watching some of the newer films, so when we were asked if we’d like to review the Power Surge Optimus Prime I knew he’d love it (I was a bit excited too).