29 August 2012

From Two Tiny Pink Lines

This time next week my son will have completed his first ever afternoon at school, it seems like only five minutes ago I saw those pink lines on a Tesco pregnancy test!

My much awaited 'hope' finally a reality, nine months going by with so much happiness and then to be greeted by probably the most perfect and wrinkly person I had ever met (until that point anyway).

And now that tiny speck, that tiny person is going to school. Instead of carefully washing and ironing small tiny baby-grows I am washing and ironing a school uniform.

Part of me is screaming to turn back the clock, bring back those precious moments, but I know deep down that there are more to come.

My son is like a sponge, coming out with such amazing things every day. So aware of the world and so perfect in every way. He will keep giving, making me happy and sad and so amazed that I made him, me, I made a person!

I'll probably sob all the way back from school on Wednesday and he'll probably run off without a care in the world. But that's my job isn't it,  to be there when he needs me, when he thinks he doesn't and to never stop caring. He will always be my baby, my little wrinkly bald perfect baby, my little piece of hope.

Love you baby boy.

27 August 2012

Miniland Educational Toy Review

My son has been off from nursery during the holidays for a break before he starts school and I have still wanted to keep him counting and busy with educational activities so he doesn't forget what it's like.

So I was grateful when we were sent some educational toys from DKL Toys to review, they are made by Miniland Educational and as soon as I had opened the package my son was excited. The bright and fun packaging appealed to him and it was a difficult choice which to open first.

We went with the sewing templates first, the box contains 3 thick plastic animal silhouettes, six different characters to sew onto them and then 9 different laces for sewing with.

The finished product!
The thick plastic means that they can be used time and time again, so far the paper silhouettes have lasted without becoming damaged and having two of each character gives the child choice and means they can do it again with a different character.
The characters are engaging and sewing the brightly coloured shoes laces through the holes helps with fine motor skills, perfect for helping with my sons writing skills.

The second toy is counting hands, the toy comes with six cards which have different hands on (left and right) and different numbers of fingers on them, using the cards the aim is for the child to find the hands with the right number on and thread them onto the string, counting as they go.

Whilst this was a really great for teaching my son to count and look how to spot the different hands etc there was a little confusion as to what to do as no instructions came with it and there weren't enough of the hands to match the cards.

Card says for four right hands but there are only two of each?!?
I think if we disregarded the cards and just got on with counting etc it would have been OK but I'm not really sure whether we are using it right or not! It certainly confused my son who spent several frustrated minutes looking for the right hands to match the card!

However, the hands and laces are of good quality and have withstood some prodding and swinging around on the end of the string.

You can find a full list of stockists of this range at DKL Toys or they are available from Miniland on Amazon currently £9.50 for the animal characters and £9.45 for the counting hands.

Disclosure: We were sent these items to review by DKL Toys, all opinions are my own.

22 August 2012

School Dinners Part 2

So I saw a tweet from the Food Revolution and it got me thinking about school dinners again.

Although the menus sound good there is no way of knowing where the food comes from.

I'm not at all religious and have nothing against other religions or beliefs but something about my son being fed Halal meat (currently served at my sons new school) just doesn't feel right.

After reading an article about nearly seven million pounds worth of food in Yorkshire schools coming from abroad, it again makes me question what is the right thing to do.

I always try to buy British and if possible local food so the thought of my son being fed food from the other side of the world really doesn't feel right either.

I suppose I've answered my own question, I'll have to come up with some creative ideas for packed lunches from now on so watch this space!

20 August 2012

Our visit to Zizzi Lincoln

After our trip to the seaside on Saturday we stopped off in Lincoln for some tea, we went to Zizzi and from the start I was impressed by how fab the staff were with the kids.

My son wanted to sit in a specific seat so whilst he decided where that was, the lovely staff member waited and then when he had finally decided she bought us over a highchair and some crayons and colouring paper for the children.

We asked for some water as we were all thirsty from the car drive and they bought a jug over with a special pink and blue cup for my son and daughter to make them feel special.

They were very patient with us even though it was a Saturday night and didn't make us feel at all unwelcome.

My son and I popped to the toilet and on the way stopped to watch them making the pizzas, they said hello to him and we watched without any funny looks.

When we asked for a normal Pizza between the children they bought it out on separate plates so there was no faffing about at the table splitting the pizza between plates.

My salad was devine and my husbands pizza was great too, the children thoroughly enjoyed theirs and we took the leftovers home in a little box which they bought over for my son to fill. He ate the rest the next day and no dinner was wasted.

I haven't received such great service from a restaurant with the children in such a long time, they bought the children hats to wear and we took a couple of balloons home with us too.

I have never been to Zizzi before but will definitely be going back.

Insalata Tricolore


15 August 2012

Being too honest?

I popped into a local farm shop this morning on our way back home and as I got back to the car my son asked 'why were cows being put in the truck over there?'.

Me and my husband don't hold back when it comes to telling our children what we are eating, pork is pig, beef is cow etc.

So I told him, that it was cows being put into the truck to be taken for people to eat. But is that too honest?

Am I scarring him by being so blunt or is honesty the best policy? I want my children to know where food comes from, that it isn't just something you buy from a supermarket but that it was once a living creature.

I think there are many adults who don't really think about where meat comes from and the process it has to go to from field to plate.

I am under no illusion, if someone told me tomorrow I couldn't eat meat it wouldn't bother me, but I do enjoy it and I want to give my children enough information that if they decide it isn't something they want to eat then they can say so!


7 August 2012

Is it ok if I talk to your children.

So I was sat in the garden centre coffee shop with the children.

A lovely old man sat with several friends started talking to the children.

We were sat next to a fish tank and he was just talking to them about the fish etc.

He then stopped and asked if it was Ok for him to talk to the children because I was there?!?

I felt saddened that what went through his head was is this ok? Has he had a bad experience? I hope my grandparents haven't ever experienced this.

What are your thoughts or feelings? I know there are a few bad people out there but you can't assume the worst of everyone can you?