24 July 2013

Wildlife Jack and His Animal Adventures

My son is into animals and wildlife, he loves nothing more than finding out about different creatures and what they do.

So when I saw this project for Wildlife Jack I wanted to offer my support by spreading the word, using kickstarter you pledge money to the project and if they reach the required amount they get your pledged money.

So far they are at £11,069 pounds so they have a way to go in 64 hours, but I think they can do it. So if you have a child interested in wildlife and would like to get your hands on the series first then pop on over and pledge now, minimum is £1 or £9 if you'd like a copy of the series. If you can pledge more then there are some even more fabulous returns to be pledged for from a guided bug hun to being a voice on the program.

Chris Packham of The Really Wild Show will be narrating so I do think it is going to be good, if what I have seen is anything to go by.

I love the way Jack is dressed, it is very reminiscent of a child dressing themselves and the interaction between child and animasl is how we'd all like to see the world.

I showed the trailer to my son and he was instantly transfixed by it and remembered what he had seen, his favourite bit was the shark but he does love sharks...well anything with teeth actually.

So pop on over and see what they have to offer and how you can help get this Wildlife Jack off the ground.


14 July 2013

A Special Thank You for Teacher

I have been toying with ideas for a present for my sons teachers for a few weeks, a few ideas have popped up on Instagram and Facebook and then this week I decided on some gorgeous vintage stamped spoons from the lovely TangledSweetPea on Instagram.

They are really pretty and I am going to package them up in pretty little vintage style boxes from Home Bargains with some tea and biscuits all tied up with ribbon and a home made card.

The spoons are stamped with thank you, a perfect way to say thanks for making his first year at school so enjoyable.

Pretty vintage rose boxes

Pretty little pinwheels to add a special touch
Just have to hope they like tea, do go on over to TangledSweetPea's etsy page and check out her gorgeous stamped vintage goodies. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions.

13 July 2013

Picnic in the Park and Getting Back in Touch with Nature

Last week we went to Rushcliffe Country Park for my husbands birthday, we took a BBQ and went with loads of friends. As it was another scorcher of a day we decided to go back just the four of us and have a picnic and a walk around.

It is a huge space with lots of areas for picnics and lots to see and do for the children, we found this gorgeous little area to eat in with benches and a very hungry caterpillar as well as some little huts made out of trees.

We then went for a walk around the woods, it's a really lovely ladybird spotting walk where you can spot loads of little painted ladybirds, the woods are lovely and perfect for den building. Which I believe they do over in the school holidays with the park rangers.

The flowers and wildlife are in abundance and we all had fun looking at the pretty flowers and lichen on the trees.

Finally and in the cool of the woods again we found the sensory garden, a really lovely area where scrap and household items had been turned into fun instruments and games for children.

Can you move the spoons across?

These old pipes cut at different lengths made a great sound!

Old steel bars made a wonderful sound too!

Fun game for children and adults alike

How does a fly see the world?

Clip Clop i'm a horse.

Can you tell the shape?

Can you hear me mother?

Old plastic pipes make a great sound too.
We will definitely be back here time and time again, with plenty of parking, a fabulous huge park, toilets on site and plenty of space for picnics and games it is a a great place to get out into the country side and for kids to get in touch with nature.

Linking Up to

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

11 July 2013

Why bother!

As I put the recycling out this morning, I remembered the bins the other day at a local country park we went for a picnic at for my husbands birthday.

With a recycling area and compostable toilets it was wonderful natural area with lots of flowers and birds.

However as we went to go home I noticed the bin, the one located right net to the recycling bins, cans and plastic bottles filled it to the brim and yet right next to it were the recycling bins?

This made little to no sense and the caring side of me almost wanted to sift through other peoples crap to put these things in the right place.

Are people really that ignorant/lazy/stupid that they couldn't take the two seconds to lift the lid up of the appropriate bin and place their items in it?

It really angered me that people could be so flipping selfish, we put ours in the recycling point and then took the glass home as there was no section for glass. It wasn't full and if anything a darn sight easier than trying to precariously place the things in the proper bin.

Rant over, but if you are somewhere that offers recycling please use it. It's there for a reason and every little helps!

8 July 2013

Cutting My Hair Off for Cancer Research

On the 7th September I am going to have my hair cut off to raise money for Cancer Research with my hair being donated to The Little Princess Trust.

So why? In the last year alone six people we know have died from cancer, some very suddenly some after a long fight.

My cousin is still suffering with the after effects of his cancer and there are still so many people we know fighting every day.

This decision has been a tough one, I have never had my hair shorter than a bob before so it is a big step. But I wanted to make a statement in my stand against cancer, not just for those we have lost, but those that are still fighting and in the hope we may one day find a cure.

During the next two months, I intend to raise as much awareness as I can of the different cancers that have affected those lives and how silent they can be.

So in the mean time I will be posting pictures of my hair, hopefully it will be the required length by the 7th September. 

I am off to see Andrew at Sutherland and Barnett tomorrow to discuss what we need to think about, how we are going to cut it etc tomorrow so will hopefully have a better idea of whether we can still do it on the 7th September tomorrow.

If you have a moment and a few pounds to spare I would be so grateful if you could pop on over to my Just Giving page, you can see a picture of me looking daft and read my story and who I am doing it for.