31 August 2014

Black & White Project Week 8

The mouse took a stroll through a deep dark wood...from our visit along the Gruffalo trail at Sherwood Pines this week.


30 August 2014

The Gruffalo Trail at Sherwood Pines

After a lot of rain and rubbish weather, Wednesday saw a break with some nice sunshine, so I packed up a picnic and some games and headed to Sherwood Pines to walk round the Gruffalo Trail and a few hours in the fresh air.

First we went to meet the Gruffalo, the attention to detail was great with the purple prickles on his back and the wart on the end of his nose. The kids loved him and gave him a big hug!

It was easy to spot the trail from the path with lots of brightly coloured bunting leading the way.

First we stopped and saw the mouse, we've read this story so many times it wasn't difficult to tell it to them as we walked through the forest.

Along the way there were lots of signs which gave you tasks to do, such as listen out for sounds you can here and spot colours in the forest.

Next was a sign asking us to make a character from the book out of things from the forest floor,  we chose to make the snake out of pine cones and a rock, it looks really good with the pine cone seeds looking like scales.

Next we had to move like the different creatures in the book, can you slither like a snake or stomp like a Gruffalo. 

Next we took a detour to look round some houses and play a game of hide and seek, spotting what bugs we could see under old bits of bark and then onto building a den. This is a really great way of getting the children to work together and I loved den building when I was younger.

Time for a climb...

After a few hours on the park, a hot chocolate and ice cream stop we headed back to the car but before we came home we had time to look in the woods again. My daughter adding to the collection of pine cones we have and my son making himself a stick man complete with sword and shield. 

This park is a great place to visit if you like biking, playing or just exploring.

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28 August 2014

A Day of Athletics Fun at Sainsbury's Birmingham Grand Prix

This Sunday we got to spend several hours watching some of Britain's most fantastic athletes, I hadn't heard of the Sainsbury's Birmingham Grand Prix before, but it was a wonderful event for all the family, with lots to watch and take part in.

Settling down to watch the athletes, we were handed clappers, bands and flags as we walked in these were an instant hit with the kids.

We had really great seats, sat in front of the long jump and triple jump which I think are just brilliant events.

All of the events were exciting and whether British or from abroad the athletes got a massive applause and the atmosphere was electric.

After winning the 400m race we got to meet the very inspiring Christine Ohuruogu, she was absolutely lovely and I just love this picture of her and my son. He'd asked her how many times a week she trains....her answer, and that of the others, six times a week! I think you'll agree that is dedication and I am ashamed that for me running up the stairs is hard work!

The rest of the athletes were all as equally lovely and all had stories to tell about how they got in to their sport and their daily routine, I think you can tell I was a little star struck!

From the box we had a great view of the sand pit or the long jumpers, Greg Rutherford and Chris Tomlinson were brilliant to watch, as were all of the triple and long jumpers, getting the crowd to join in with clapping.

On to one of the races that everyone had been looking forward to, Mo Farah in the 2 mile race, he managed to break the British record that had stood for 36 years and by a whole 6 seconds. 

After the excitement of the 2 mile race, we went on to some even more thrilling events with the T34 races taking place as well as the mens T11/12 long jump which we all loved watching.

But the races weren't the only thing that was there, outside of the stadium there was plenty to enjoy and burn off any excess energy. We all had a go at running, not sure if you can tell but I am a blur so obviously very quick ;)

There were lots of places for a picnic or food outlets if you prefer, there was also a soft play area in the magnum ice cream tent if you fancied something cooler and for somewhere to chill out.

Overall we had an amazing day and I wouldn't hesitate in going again next year or to something similar. Meeting some of the stars of the day made it a really great experience that we won't be forgetting any time soon.

NB We were given complimentary tickets for the grand prix, however all words, thoughts and pictures are my own.

27 August 2014

The Front Door Project

So after spending several days posing in front of the door at our holiday home and having serious door envy I have decided that it is time to do ours up.

Short of buying a new door, there is only really the option of painting and making it look pretty, although this won't change the fact that it is a very drafty door!

So here is what we are up against, the hideous door number, I have been wanting to change it for ages but just haven't gotten round to it.

To replace it I was thinking of something like this, simple and a lot better.

The door is a hideous brown with random holes from previous door furniture and years of wear.

I am loving this colour paint from Farrow & Ball, with some new door furniture I think it would just look stunning or better still a complete new door in a similar gorgeous green.

The door handle is an awful gold and again from years of keys being turned in it has seen better days.

I really like this satin chrome, I think against the lovely green of the paint it would look much better, they also do a letterbox to match.

And then finally the light, I feel ashamed by the amount of cobwebs that you can see here but it is just such a neglected part of the house and real shouldn't be as it's the one people see first.

So I have found this one, I adore it! It is simply beautiful and if I could replace every light in the house with one I think would.

So as this project gets on the way I will be sure to add more ideas and update with changes in colour, I have no idea where to start on painting the door but I will give it a go!

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26 August 2014

Disney on Ice Tour - 100 Years of Magic

You may have seen on the telly recently about the new Disney on Ice Tour, 100 Years of Magic. This is billed as, a celebration of 100 years of unforgettable characters and beloved stories bought to life on the ice, a skating spectacular filled with magical Disney moments you'll remember forever.

I don't think there are many of us that haven't enjoyed a Disney movie at some point in our lives, and all of us will have our favourite characters. My daughter loves all of the princesses and my son, well probably a mixture of everyone, he used to adore Mickey and even now will sit and watch him. 

Me, I love Aladdin, it has wonderful characters, singing and my favourite of them all, Genie.

The tour is heading to some great cities around the UK so why not stay in a hotel close to the venue and make a weekend of it, here is my guide to a few of cities on the tour.

How about Birmingham for shopping at the Bull Ring, jewellery quarter and dinner at one of it's many restaurants. Or Manchester for it's fabulous museums and culture, if you haven't been to the Museum of Science and Industry, it is well worth a visit, and free as well!

For those further north then how about a trip to the wonderful city of Glasgow with it's Botanical Gardens, beautiful art and architectureThen top the day off with a memorable evening watching the Disney On Ice, 100 Years of Magic with your family.

With a short journey back to the hotel you don't have to worry about travelling home,  refreshed after a night’s sleep, you can be ready to enjoy the next day and more sightseeing or should you prefer shopping.  A great way to make special memories for you and your family and maybe visiting and falling in love with a new city and all it has to offer.

The Disney on Ice Tour will be appearing around the UK at the following locations:

Glasgow - Braehead Arena - 26th September - 5th October 2014
Newcastle - Metro Radio Arena - 7th - 12th October 2014    
Manchester - Phones 4u Arena - 15th - 19th October 2014  
Birmingham - National Indoor Arena - 22nd October - 2nd November 2014
Sheffield - Motorpoint Arena - 5th - 9th November 2014  
London - O2 Arena - 24th December 2014 - 4th January 2015           

More information on dates, locations etc can be found at http://www.disney.co.uk/disney-on-ice/100-years-of-magic/index.html

This is a collaborative post, however all words are my own.

25 August 2014

Château De Coucy

France is steeped in history, from châteaus to world war one battlefields, there are some beautiful places to visit and whilst on holiday, we stopped at the charming Château De Coucy.

Once upon a time, this magnificent castle was the 3rd most visited monument in France, after Versailles and Mont St-Michel. At that time, a 54 meter keep stood over the landscape, this magnificent and gigantic architectural masterpiece was wiped off the face of the earth by German Soldiers toward the end of WW1.

The whole town was once within the walls of the castle and even today you have to drive through the gates to get in and out of the town.

Looking over the walls to see how far we can see, the views from up here were stunning.

The kids were absolutely historical seeing this goat looking out through the wall, there were lots of them about but this one did make us chuckle.

It is sad to see it as ruins but it is still a beautiful place and so much history to absorb, around the site, there were lots of models, pictures and information showing out how it would have looked at different points in time.

Here is the keep as it looked prior to the war and here it is after, very sad but it is a price that was paid.

The view was stunning from every angle of the castle and the brick work was beautiful.

I loved these flowers within the wall, like natures own picture frame.

Down in the caves it was very cold and you can see where they store all of the bits of castle that have yet to be displayed.

The castle was huge and it certainly gave us lots to talk about and run around and see, amazing to think about all the people that have lived and visited here.

It really was a beautiful castle and well worth the five euros entry fee!

24 August 2014

Black & White Photo Project Week 7

We love this little lady, she is a cutie and always gets lots of cuddles. I love the detail black and white brings out like her whiskers.


22 August 2014

Sainsbury's Birmingham Grand Prix

This weekend sees the Sainsbury’s Birmingham Grand Prix event happening, an IAAF Diamond League meet which takes place at Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium on Sunday 24th August. 
This thrilling meet will welcome global stars including double Olympic and world champion Mo Farah and world 400m gold medallist Christine Ohuruogu, as Britain’s greatest take on the world’s best as the Sainsbury’s Summer Series comes to an exciting climax.

Straight after the Sainsbury’s Birmingham Grand Prix, a number of Paralympic and world champions will also line the track and field for the Sainsbury’s IPC Grand Prix Final. Six-time Paralympic gold medallist David Weir, Paralympic, world T44 gold medallist Jonnie Peacock and T34 200m Paralympic and world champion Hannah Cockroft were among the names to star at the event last year.

This looks to be a fantastic festival of athletics as well as some great activities taking place around the stadium too, with picnic areas and soft play it is sure to be a great day out for all the family.

Tickets are on sale now! Click here for tickets or call 08000 556056
Click here to view the spectator guide and what is on around the stadium, it really does look to be a great day out.

NB I have been given a family ticket for this event.

19 August 2014

Cafe Kidz Review

If you're a parent then you've probably been in this situation on at least one occasion, sat in a cafe or restaurant with a young child and then suddenly realising you've forgotten to bring something to entertain them.

Well, Cafe Kidz is a great idea for cafes and restaurants to help with this situation, these small packs provide instant entertainment for children age 3 and above and if I was in this situation somewhere and these were available to buy, I would.

Each set contains pencil crayons, a colouring pad, stickers, a key ring and much more, they are a great way to keep younger children entertained.

On opening the packet, the children went through and found the bits they wanted to do first, it kept them occupied whilst my husband and I chose what we wanted for dinner and also whilst we waited for dinner to be served.

The packs entertained them so much, it was difficult to get them to put it all away once dinner arrived.

My daughter loved the fairy set but was equally excited by the monster and robot set that is also available.

Both found it easy to get on with the activities in the pack without much prompting from us.

I can see Cafe Kidz packs sitting well in cafe's and restaurants around the country, unfortunately we weren't out for the evening in which case it would have come into it's own I think, allowing entertainment for a longer dinner.

The packs would also be great for weddings, everyone knows how frustrating it can be for both children and adults during speeches and long dinners so these packs offer a fuss free and compact way to keep children entertained.

With an RRP of £2.50-£3.00 I think the Cafe Kidz packs are well worth the money, if I was sat in a restaurant with restless children I would be prepared to add this to the bill. With so much to do and with a little something they can keep I think it is a great set.

18 August 2014

Pretty Peeling Paint and Beautiful Buildings

France is full of beautiful buildings and one thing that makes them stand out is their gorgeously coloured shutters, bricks and shapes.

I adore snapping the beauty of the towns and the simple things such as roof tops and shutters!

Someone tell me I am not the only one to be found snapping such simple every day objects!