29 May 2013

Oooh comfy shoes!

Being a size 8 shoe with feet that are as wide as they are long ;)  I often struggle to find shoes that fit, they either rub or are too small or too big if I have to move up to the next size.

So when I found a pair of sandals that were comfy I felt I had to share, after all there might be someone else struggling with the same large feet no shoe problem.

Saltwater sandals aren't cheap but they are leather and they fit like a second skin, sooo comfy and unlike most shoes they didn't rub at all for the whole time I was waking round in them.

If they do start to rub you can just dampen them and put them on and they should reshape to fit your foot.

Not only this they are washable and can get wet without a problem, great for the beach and the British weather.

I am saving my pennies to buy some of these clogs from Lotta From Stockholm next as they look super comfy and I just love the style, perfect for winter or summer, also I am pretty certain my mum had some of these back in the day too and she was super stylish.


28 May 2013

Grandpa in My Pocket Preview

My son and I were invited on a tour backstage of the playhouse and then to watch Grandpa in My Pocket this week, the new production on at the Playhouse Nottingham.

The backstage tour was fantastic, we got to see the painting room, props department and clothing department as well as walking through the rabbit warren that is the belly of the playhouse.

Painting Room
Props Room
We also got to go up on stage after the show to see what happens behind the curtains and in the wings.

From the wings on to the stage
It was a wonderful experience to see all that brings the shows to life, for me it was a life long dream finally fulfilled. I spent many a christmas panto as a child wanting to see what happens in the back and to go up on stage.

On to the show itself, this was the first thing like this I had taken my son too as up until now he has been a little too young so I was intrigued to see how he would be.

We picked up some sweets and took our seats in the stalls, the view was perfect and I was super excited as was he.

Stage before the show started
To get everyone excited grandpa came on over the speakers to ask for phones etc to be switched off.

Then the show started, we were greeted by the actors who all took on roles of characters from Grandpa In My Pocket which helped the children understand it wasn't the actual characters from the show, which I was worried about my son understanding.

The actors playing the characters were all brilliant and had the mannerisms down to a tee, my sons favourites were Mr Whoops and Great Aunt Loretta, we have been chatting like Great Aunt Loretta since the show ;)

The show is advertised from age 3 and it seemed some of the younger ones were getting a little agitated towards the end so I would think carefully about it if you are going on your own with no one to take them out if needs be.

As the story progressed my son kept bouncing around on his seat with joy, especially during the bonglebirds song and he loved them so much he was even asking about them during the stage tour afterwards.

Looking out from the stage
It really is a wonderful show and if you are looking for something to do in Nottingham during the half term then it is well worth a visit.

After Nottingham Grandpa In My Pocket is going on tour round the UK so if it is coming to a town near you then it is definitely worth going to.

20 May 2013

Walking with Dinosaurs

It had been almost a year of waiting to see Walking with Dinosaurs at the Ice Arena, but eventually the day arrived last week!

So was it worth it? Yes, is all I can say.

Whether you have children who love dinosaurs or not this is a truly amazing experience and if you do have children who love them then it is even more magical.

My son hates really loud noises so he did spend most of the show with his fingers in his ears (whether it was where we were sat i'm not sure) but his face when the dinosaurs came out was a picture.

Also to be fair when the T-Rex roared I did jump out of my skin (think Tom and Jerry) this also accounts for the not so brilliant shots ;).

Here are some snapshots from the experience, if it is coming to a town near you I can highly recommend going.

Before it started...
Mr Diplidocus
Pretty flowers
Mama T-Rex doing her thing...
Big momma and little baby t-rex
The end of it all

There were quite a few smaller children there but it was loud so if your children hate very loud noises and are scared easily then you my wish to take ear defenders.

13 May 2013

The Kite Runner Preview

I was recently invited to see the European premier of The Kite Runner, I have never read the book but had heard good things from a work colleague.

As we sat down into our seats we were greeted by haunting sounds of the tabla being played by a lone player on the stage.

We are taken through the troubled life of Amir growing up in Kabul in the 1970s and as he moves to America later on in life.

I really loved the way in which the play was structured with the characters playing their younger selves it meant there was no confusion who was who and also enabled the play to be as adult themed as it was.

The set itself was really well done with projections onto the floor helping to set the scene and the haunting sound affects that help to set the mood.

As I hadn't read the book before hand it allowed me to see the play for what it was, no preconceptions, it is a 14+ so there is some of the strong language and adult scenes but this only added to the enjoyment and wasn't distasteful.

I took my husband to this play and he thoroughly enjoyed it having not been to see anything at the theatre for many years.

I can highly recommend this whether you have read the book or not, it is a gripping production of a wonderful story.

This is currently playing at the Nottingham Playhouse until the 18th May.

Disclaimer: I was given two tickets for the screening of this performance, all words are my own. Images courtesy of The Nottingham Playhouse.

8 May 2013

Spring Has Sprung

It's been a cornucopia of colour these last few weeks with pretty flowers and blossom popping up everywhere.

New life bursting into action definitely gives you that boost, like you are emerging from the same hibernation as the bees.

Here are just a few of my favourite snaps of the aforementioned pretty flowers...

Pretty quince flowers

An unfurling furn
Love these tiny little white flowers
Sadly not enough hops to make any beer!
We have two huge may blossom at the top of the garden, love them.
May blossom in all it's pink glory.

6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Chicken Pox Blues

So Saturday morning saw a few spots pop up on my daughters tummy and bottom, by the night it had spread onto her chest and up round her neck and over looking at the blisters it was clear it was the dreaded chicken pox.

Sunday we had planned to go to the coast, she seemed fine in herself and we thought we could stay away from other people and it would be ok, a text message from my sons school friends didn't bode well as they had come down with it too.

We arrived and were on the beach by about 1pm, whilst changing my son into his swim gear I noticed he had a few spots too, who knew they could pop up so quickly.

So whilst happy they both get to go through it together and it's over and done with, I am also filled with dread at the prospect of two itchy little monkeys all week. I have to work on a Thursday and Friday and don't really fancy taking it as holiday but I really don't want to leave my babies either.

Such a hard decision for a mum, take holiday, no pay or leave your babies, I will leave them with my in laws but still, nothing like a mums hug to make it all better.

Anyway, I am looking for great soothing ideas for the kiddos, any particular baths that are good, ointments. Am struggling to get calamine on them, for some reason they both hate it!