31 March 2016

Pretty Alpines for Your Home & Garden

After repotting some plants, I had some old pots left over that needed some love, so when I spotted a pretty alpine plant at the garden centre I decided to use that to pop in one of the more rustic looking ones.

These hardy plants need very little attention and can survive the harshest of conditions, you can even plant them in rockeries and boarders for pretty shapes and colours.  All you need is some compost or soil from your garden, your plant, a plant pot and a garden trowel.


28 March 2016

Outdoor Fun at Belton House

On Friday, we visited Belton House, it was possibly not the best day to choose as the traffic was queuing for miles to get in. However, the sun was shining and the daffodils were out in force, which made for a beautiful day out. Starting with a picnic, then heading to the adventure playground. we enjoyed the warm sun and the masses of grass, perfect for running about and letting off steam.


25 March 2016

Hot Wheels Split Speeders & Blade Raid Trackset Review

My son has loved playing with cars since he was little and the Hot Wheels cars and collections have always been his favourite. We've had everything, from loop the loops, to the dino spinout track, now however, the Blade Raid Trackset and Split Speeders are fast becoming our new favourite.


21 March 2016

Pieminister Nottingham Review

We were recently invited to try out the new Pieminister restaurant in Nottingham, a welcome addition to Nottingham’s blossoming food scene.

The industrial interior was interesting, with a mix of booths and tables filling the space, an open bar at the back and then a food counter near the front.


20 March 2016

Twilight Garden from Zoflora

I have been using Zoflora for a few years now and it has become part of my cleaning routine, making sure everything from my toilet to the bin smells nice and are bacteria free.

They recently relaunched a fragrance after popular demand, Twilight Garden, a blend of moonlight flowering lilies with the richness of ylang ylang and jasmine, balanced with uplifting notes of peach and musk.

Unlike my usual favourite, Springtime, this fragrance is more like a perfume and is very strong but I like it and we've been using it in our downstairs toilet, my children love it.

The great thing about Zoflora is that if you clean the toilet with it, it leaves a long lasting scent not only on the toilet itself but on the toilet brush, so whenever you clean the loo it smells great again.

It is also perfect for popping on a bit of kitchen paper and placing in the bottom of your bin, it leaves it smelling great.

Zoflora have a world of information about how to use the disinfectant over on their website as well as some great ideas in their news section. 

They currently have a competition over on their Facebook page where you could win a £500 holiday from Best Loved Hotels, plus many more prizes available including flowers‬, garden centre gift vouchers and Zoflora Twilight Garden.

NB: I was sent this product to review, all words and opinions are my own.


16 March 2016

A Visit to Kelham Hall

We love to find new places to visit around Nottinghamshire, so for Mother's Day we visited Kelham Hall. Located just between Southwell and Newark this hall is a beautiful piece of history, the original hall once housed Charles I before Newark was captured by the Scots and he was taken back to London.

Rebuilt in the 1800s, this building was designed by George Gilbert Scott who also designed St Pancras Station & Hotel, it is really beautiful and in the summer I imagine even more so.

kelham hall


14 March 2016

Top 5 Easy Easter Activities

With an early Easter this year, there is no better time to think of some bright colourful springtime activities to do with the children, especially on the colder and wetter days.

So, I have put together our top five super easy Easter activities.

Top 5 Easy Easter Activities for Children. Easy to make crafts, baking and ideas for easter fun.


7 March 2016

Make Your Own Scrabble Art

I'm always trying to find unique ways to make the house look pretty and these scrabble art pictures are the perfect way to create wonderful pieces to hang in your home.

You can usually find old scrabble sets for a few pounds either at the charity shop or car boots, so do keep an eye out if you fancy a go at this.  For the background on this picture I used some sample pieces of wallpaper I'd picked up when we had been in the DIY store, you could use wrapping paper, a map, photo or any other type of paper or even fabric.

You'll also need some glue and a box frame, you can have a search around the charity shops for a frame or you can buy a new one, they are usually quite reasonably priced from places like Wilkos, B&M, Home Bargains or even one of the supermarkets.


4 March 2016

Thaikhun Nottingham Review

We love taking the children out to try new foods, so when we were invited to a new Thai Restaurant in Nottingham I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to get them to try something new.

Thaikhun is one of the new restaurants in Nottingham's Victoria Centre food court, offering quick and tasty food in one of the most wonderful settings I’ve ever seen, a mixture of traditional and industrial with a hint of retro kitch it was great for me and the kids loved it too.





3 March 2016

Beautiful Flowers from The Flower Studio

I love flowers, they are something I have in the home all of the time and aren’t just for special occasions, but that doesn’t stop them being special on occasions like Mother's Day, birthdays etc.

Flowers brighten up spaces, add colour and bring elements of the outside in to your home, this bouquet of flowers from The Flower Studio not only contains flowers but has rosemary in too. The rosemary adds a wonderful scent and it's own beautiful flowers whilst the shape stands out amongst the rest of the bouquet.


2 March 2016

Dressing Up with Pretend To Bee

World Book Day is upon us and it always seems to put the fear of god into some parents, whether you choose to make a costume or buy one, it doesn’t have to be difficult. It is all about choosing an outfit from a story you love reading with your children.

Ours have been, the rat from The Highway Rat, the witch from Room on the Broom as well as George from Georges Marvellous Medicines.

This year though we have been sent some wonderful outfits from Pretend to Bee, this fab local company have some wonderful outfits, not just for World Book Day but for dressing up at any time.


1 March 2016

Family Time at Drayton Manor Park

I spent many a happy hour at Drayton Manor Park when I was younger, I remember my first time having the life scared out of me on the Shockwave and getting soaked on Storm Force 10, I remember when the Haunting opened and probably one of my favourites, beating my mates on the Wild West Shoot Out.

But now with children, going back isn't just about the thrills, its about having a fun day out with my family with rides that everyone can enjoy.  We've been a few times with them, my daughter was a about 2 last time we visited, it was then she fell in love with Rosie and Thomas. Her excitement to go back meant we were being asked if it was time to go to Thomas Land pretty much every day leading up to our visit.